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SEO – the holy grail of web search

SEO, or search engine optimisation is one of those topics that can be a bit like nailing jelly to a wall. It is often difficult to explain to a client what it is, how it is developed and implemented and what it needs to work properly. All those considerations aside there is little argument that SEO is primarily to drive traffic and convert the traffic to desired end goal, be it email capture, a checkout cart or other final objective.

When speaking to an SEO specialist most people hear all sorts of jargon and in no time their eyes glaze over. There are two parts to the technical side of SEO – on page SEO and off page SEO. Each of these has can be subdivided into subsections too.

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Why Windows XP Users should upgrade

Windows XP has been doing its business for over a decade but now the time has come where it is being phased out and now Windows XP users should upgrade. The support ends this month and that means that Microsoft is no longer offering updates for XP. These updates are mainly security updates which means your computer will be exposed to any security risks. Any update patches issued up to this date will still be available to download however if a new flaw is discovered and exposed in the system then it will simply be left exposed and open for exploitation. This will mean that there is the potential for hackers to target people which will result in an infected Windows XP machine.

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