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Risk of Mobile Devices in the Workplace

Whilst mobile devices allow work to be undertaken efficiently and more collaboratively there is always a risk to having another form of technology involved where date can be shared easily but also misused. Many work places now have the worry of workers sharing corporate information by uploading it to online storage. The issue of staff taking their own devices to the workplace means that the devices are not managed and pose a serious security risk. Managing this can be difficult but still many businesses allow employees to use their own devices to view and use important date related to the business.

Businesses have to manage these risks in the same way they would manage their own devices, and that is ensuring that their data and systems are not open to any attacks or manipulation of information. To do this it is important to ensure that the mobile devices have passwords and if the device is lost or stolen, the organisation is in informed so that any data can be removed. Staff must be informed about the risks and applications that are downloaded are trusted and will not compromise the business in any way.

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