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Why Windows XP Users should upgrade

Windows XP has been doing its business for over a decade but now the time has come where it is being phased out. The support ends this month, which means that Microsoft is no longer offering updates for XP. These updates are mainly security updates which means your computer will be exposed to many security risks. Any update patches issued up to this date will still be available to download. However, if a new flaw is discovered and exposed in the system then it will simply be left exposed and open for exploitation. This means that there will be the potential for hackers to target people which will result in an infected Windows XP machine.

Using an operating system that is over ten years old can really make life difficult when it comes to using different peripherals and devices along with certain types of software. With new technologies, they are developed to work alongside the latest operating system and the support will no longer be there. This also stands true with software, and although it may be usable, it will run slowly, as the specifications of XP will not have the capacity to run it effectively.

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