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Free IT Policies and Email Disclaimer

Acceptable Use Policy & Employee Internet Use Monitoring and Filtering Policy:

IImplementing simple IT Policies clearly tells staff what they should and should not be doing with computers at work. Some users see nothing wrong with forwarding chain emails, uploading dozens of photos from the weekend to your network or installing some software they got from a friend. Other users spend hours on social networking sites such as Facebook or selling goods on eBay. These behaviours have an impact on productivity, slow down your IT network and could even result in costly legal ramifications for your business.

If you could get back one hour each week from each member of staff, what would that mean to your business?

IT Policies are only a start to improving productivity— you may also want to adopt a Web & Email Filter.

Email Disclaimer

Email disclaimers are statements that are either prepended or appended to emails. These statements are usually of a legal character and are related to email law. Click here for a free disclaimer and start using this today.

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