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Website Block Email Security Birmingham UK

Blue Clarity

Blue Clarity is perfect for helping you maintain web and email security. Unfortunately, employees will often forward spam emails or spend hours on social networking sites during business hours without website blocks. The resulting impact on your business productivity and IT systems cannot be ignored. Our web security solution involves minimal setup, full protection and management reporting, and our mail security service is cloud based and off-site, which enables you to recover and send emails in the event of a systems failure.

Benefits of choosing Web Security and Website Block:

website block secure mail Birmingham

  • Minimal setup & customer intervention
  • Full management reporting to measure protection effectiveness
  • Time-based filtering
  • Skype, Teams, Messenger Control, e.g. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.
  • Database currently holds over 300 million urls for website blocking and counting
  • Custom website blocking or allowing

Benefits of choosing Mail Security:

  • Cloud service, filtered offsite
  • 99.92% spam and 100% virus protection, inbound & outbound
  • Minimal setup & customer intervention
  • Administrator & Per User Control settings
  • Full management reporting to measure protection effectiveness
  • If your internal company email server or broadband is down, Blue Mail will hold all new emails until your internal services come back online
  • If your internal company email server or broadband is down, Blue Mail will allow each user to login through a web portal and retrieve/send new email.

Why it is a good idea to install website blocking in your business

If you are a business that has employees, then you will want to make sure that those employees are working as hard as they can for you. There are plenty of distractions for people throughout their working day.

One of the biggest distraction is the internet.

This is especially true if you have employees who use a computer on a daily basis as they will have instant access to a wide range of websites. This page takes a look at how having access to the internet can have an effect on your employees, which websites are the biggest culprits and what you can do to stop it.

How the internet can affect the productivity of your staff

Having access to the internet in your workplace is more often than not a necessity, as it allows your employees to use systems that rely on the internet, look up information for clients, or simply gain necessary information.
However, this access to the internet can allow your employees to become distracted, viewing websites that can take them away from the tasks that they need to carry out. This means that precious time during their working day is wasted and have an impact on their productivity on the whole.

Which websites are the worst culprits?

There are some websites that are the main culprits when it comes to employees accessing them during working hours. The main one has to be social media, in the variety of platforms. This includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Your employees shouldn’t be blamed for this, as these sites are engineered to be addictive.

You may also find that your staff often look at shopping sites such as eBay or Amazon or perhaps read through news websites such as BBC.
Though these are acceptable websites to visit during their lunch breaks, you may not feel comfortable with your employees having unlimited access throughout the day.

The benefits of blocking websites

Of course, the main benefit of using web filter software in your business is that it limits the access your staff has to certain websites. With our web-filtering software you can not only completely block sites such as Facebook or Twitter, but you can also restrict access to particular time spent on particular websites such as Facebook.
This not only ensures that the productivity levels of your business are always high, but that you are protected from virtual attacks caused by employees viewing particular websites that could contain potentially harmful viruses.

Not only websites can be blocked

It isn’t only computer internet access that can be limited in the workplace. You can also limit the access from smartphones and tablets via your company WiFi. This means that your staff will be unable to access your restricted sites, even if they try to through their own phones.

Now you know more about the benefits of blocking websites, why not speak to us here at Blue Reliance and ask our expert team to give you the right service for your business? It may just be the best decision you make.

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